The Charmed Studio Podcast for Artists

Bye Bye Face Book! How Artists Can Succeed Without Social Media

Episode Summary

How artists can thrive and prosper financially and emotionally without Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Discover three key factors in succeeding without social media. Great for heart-centered artists and writers who've had it with the hype.

Episode Notes

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I’ve built a  thriving writing coaching practice for artists without Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can thrive without it too!

Why couldn’t you become a teacher on InsightTimer?

Maybe it will be you who leaves Facebook to begin teaching painting on the shiny new platform Level Up?

Or you might end up loving StudioDoorz; you pay a really small fee to be listed on a gorgeous website that sends excited art buyers right into your studio for shopping visits.

Why can’t it be you who starts a podcast or writes a book with all the time you save being off Facebook?

Episode Transcription