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6 Great Art Marketing Lessons from Salvador Dalì

Episode Summary

6 Wildly Effective, AUTHENTIC Ways to Honor Yourself and Market Your Art With Creativity (Courtesy of Salvador Dalì). Why You Too, Should Be Considering Leaping Out of Life Size Eggs and Waxing on About Cauliflower.

Episode Notes

Want to see a Fibonacci Cauliflower?

Just another day on the beach: Here is the less-than-perfect, zany self-promotional video of Dali and Gala busting out of an egg

To read the post and see all the cool Dali art go here.

The Good Enemy Writing Technique. This is the post I mention about harnessing negative emotion and redirecting toward creating your best writing ever.

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Podcast Cover Art Photo: Dali Atomicus by Phillipe Halsman via Wikipedia commons

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